Contracting Authority

Banque Africaine de Développement

Project manager

Apave International

Contractual period

10 months

Key words

African Development Bank Tower in Abidjan

Nature of works:

Cleaning and demolition work on more than 69,000m² in Ivory Coast 


Cleaning work of 69,000m² of floor area

Demolition of 69,000m² of concrete screed and 25,000m² of concrete
block wall

10,600 m² of double skin facade with joint between wall and structure plus glazing joint – 20,595 m² of 20 mm Progypsol, on the underside of the concrete slab and on the beams – 15,640 ml of thermal insulation envelope – 1190 ml of expansion – 306 CF valves – 272 smoke vents – 1488 windows – 10,000ml of Pyrolion cable


Installation of a life base for 120 people

Export site

Waste treatment in France


French ITGA laboratory

French regulations