Contracting Authority

CPCU, Compagnie Parisienne de chauffage Urbain

Project manager


Contractual period

4 months

Key words

Boiler room of La Villette Paris 19

Nature of works:

Asbestos removal and demolition work at the La Villette Paris 19 boiler room.


Treatment of two dust collectors (asbestos cardboard)

Treatment of the two loaders (Asbestos cardboard and glass wool)

Treatment of a boiler (asbestos cardboard, glass wool)

Removal of asbestos heat insulators

Treatment of hatch seals

Treatment of braided fabrics

Treatment of floor tiles, glue and earthenware in changing rooms and sanitary facilities

Treatment of the AC roof and EP ducts in asbestos cement


Complete containment of the boiler in double skin thermo-welded on exterior scaffolding for dynamic containment level 3