To control demolition or dismantling operations, we have the technical and supervispry resources available to be the single point of contact for large-scale operations.

Building Dismantling

DI Environnement has expertise in building demolition as well as in sawing and coring concrete structures.

These skills are useful in the supervision of operations including pollution control and demolition. In addition, these competences are also a means of efficiently removing pollutants by controlling the structures and supports in which they are present (for example sawing and coring of elements containing asbestos).

Industrial dismantling

Industry and end-of-life equipment require skills in dismantling. With torch manufacturers, cutting equipment and iron and metal recovery channels, DI Environnement provides a global service to meet the needs for the conversion of brownfields or the dismantling of equipment.

Dismantling in a few numbers

professional specialized in sawing and coring
dismantling machines
Operators of torch based machinery

Some dismantling references