Unique expertise and methods

The renovation or demolition of infrastructure and equipment requires resources and skills that DI Environnement has been able to develop, particularly in stripping, industrial painting as well as dismantling


With 6 fixed asbestos treatment facilities, including a modern dismantling plant, we are able to offer depollution, stripping and recovery, or even ex situ repainting of materials and tools containing asbestos. or other pollutants.

All types of equipment are concerned, including rolling stock, railway equipment and floating equipment.


Many industrial processes, storage capacities, engineering structures and other equipment are affected by paints containing asbestos, lead, PCB or even chromium 6.

With technical advisers, FROSIO inspectors and ACQPA trained operators, DI Environnement is able to offer the repair of this equipment while ensuring overall pollution control.

The management of equipment in a few numbers

fixed asbestos treating plants

Some equipments references