Proficiency of interventions in high-risk environments

The training of our operators, our various qualifications and our referencing in various industrial fields allow us to meet the requirements of the various sites with dedicated teams.

Active sites

Depollution operations are particularly restrictive on active industrial sites. Co-activity, user production equirements and associated chemical risks require a comprehensive risk analysis and a variety of skills.

To make a relevant offer, DI Environnement has various technical referents associated with each industry, personnel trained in chemical risks (UIC / GIES certified) and ATEX equipment.

Interventions in an ionizing environment

Qualianor qualified company with personnel trained in radiation protection, we are able to work on sites such as nuclear power plants, enrichment plants and research centers.

Our expertise in asbestos removal brings real added value to maintenance or dismantling operations, especially when asbestos and nuclear risks both need to be taken into account.

Industrial dismantling

DI Environnement works on large groups of polluted sites and soils by managing the issue of dismantling as well as decontamination and depollution of land.

The handling of Industry in a few numbers

professional qualifies in radiation protection
professionals qualified in chemical risk
professionals qualified under SST

Some industry references