Contracting Authority

Fondation des Apprentis d’Auteuil

Project manager


Contractual period

6 months

Key words

La Barre Building – St Just le Martel

Nature of works:

Asbestos removal from a former Apprentis d’Auteuil home before its demolition in St Just Le Martel (87)


11600m² of plaster on walls and ceilings spread over 4 levels

2,665 m² of floor tiles and asbestos glue

1404 m² of glue under tiles

1562 m² of glue under tiles 350 ml of fiber cement ducts

72 ml of expansion joints on the facade

3 0 u of flange gaskets


11,000 m² of interior wall plaster treated in 3 months with 20 professionals (work in 2 × 8)