Contracting Authority

Commune de Villard Bonnot

Maître d'œuvre


Contractual period

4 months

Key words

Lancey Stationery

Nature of works:

Securing, depollution and asbestos removal of a damaged building.


Cleaning of the boiler room, collection of indoor and outdoor asbestos debris.

Cutting of flange gaskets 3000 units

Dismantling of door seals by cutting 50 units

Removal of the 800 ml insulation jackets

Removal of EP pipes in asbestos cement

Removal of asbestos cement sheets

Removal of burner seals 4 sets

Removal of structural joints from the boiler room 400 ml

Removal of floor tiles and adhesives 120 m²

Removal of bituminous coating from acroterions 250 m²