Contracting Authority

BF2 RheinPark

Project manager

SERUE Ingénierie

Contractual period

7 months

Key words

Reichstett refinery

Nature of works:

Asbestos removal, depollution and demolition work at the former Petroplus refinery in the town of Reichstett in Alsace. Consortium with the companies Eiffage and Wanty


Cleaning, asbestos removal, pollution control, demolition and recovery of refinery waste.

Removal of flange gaskets, mastic duct gaskets, asbestos cardboard of thermal insulation on heat-insulated networks, tanks and refining columns, after validation by two test sites.

Concrete at the base of the column, PICAL of fire insulation of the High Voltage cable trays, Asbestos paint on the smoke exchanger at the top of the furnaces, Floor slab and glue and AC false ceiling nailed in the control room.
Creation of a clean room (decontamination) for the treatment of Materials or Products Containing Asbestos (MPCA) such as: Braid on fire hose, Seal on ice level.


Significant petrochemical risk