Contracting Authority

SNCF Gare et Connexion

Project manager

Conception et réalisation LMPR

Contractual period

Phase 1: 7 weeks

Phase 2 : 5 weeks

Phase 3 : 5 weeks

Key words

RER C Saint Michel Notre Dame station in Paris

Nature of works:

Lead removal, asbestos removal and rehabilitation of the station


Removal of 2225m² of paint containing l ead and asbestos residue on Eiffel beam

Improvement of the fire barrier by projection of pasty plaster

Improvement of the firestop on beams by applying 12 coats of intumescent paints

Reconstruction of SNCF offices after total cleaning


Mobilization of 2 works trains throughout the station

Management of technical batches in co-activity with strict phasing

Realization of a schedule on time

4 days ahead of the work schedule