Treatment of Surfaces

A real know-how

The develoment of new processes for the removal of asbestos allowed us to acquire veritable skill in the stripping of surfaces, notably surfaces with asbestos and lead, as well as in restoring anticorrosion or intumescent paint.

Tailor-made equipment and a complete service

With our own equipment, we offer effective solutions for treating polluted or unpolluted surfaces, on site or in our ICPEs.

We are also able to provide a full service by ensuring the application of coating or painting, by our staff certified by ACQPA, on infrastructure, equipment or materials.

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jet stripping

UHP technology consists of projecting water using a lance manipulated by an operator or a robot.

DI Environnement has 5 UHP FLOW pumps powered by Caterpillar C9275KW capable of delivering pressures up to 3800 bars, as well as the Hydrocat robot, allowing remote control and management of waste by aspiration at the source and continuous treatment.

We have also designed a water filtration plant equipped with a device for treating with 2 filtration thresholds simultaneously for a capacity of 10m3 hour.


Recognized expert in sandblasting and shot blasting applied to asbestos removal, lead removal and surface treatment, DI Environnement is independent with a fleet of more than 30 compressed air units (low pressure sandblasters).

Mobile units for the suction and combined recycling of the blasting agent have also been developed, as well as large capacity remote bagging systems, making it possible to optimize the collection of waste and its exit from the zone.

We adapt our process to each operation using different recycling methods and abrasives, such as shot, garnet, bicarbonate, sedaver, corundum, glass beads, olivine and nutshell, sponge-jet or cryogenics depending on the materials and the rendering requested.

Surface treatment in a few numbers

professional trained in ACQPA
stripping units
UHP Pumps
water filtration facilities with large capacity
blasting agent recycling units
Dust collectors with absolute filtration

Some treatment of surfaces references