DI Environnement, international benchmark for asbestos removal

Asbestos represents a major public health issue as well as on the job: this material with multiple qualities proves highly toxic when dispersed. Massiveley used in the past in construction and industry, the diseases that is causes are in costant rise. Prohibited in France since 1997, it remains present in numerous buildings and equipment.

A very strict regulatory framework sets out the provisions to be implemented for asbestos removal work:

Protection of the population
With particular to the identification of materials containing asbestos and other obligations relating to users and owners of buildings or installations.

Worker protection

Workers who expose themselves to the risks of asbestos removal are protected by a strict risk assessment, with particular attention to dust levels and specific intervention methods.

The environmental Protection

Including in particular the procedures for managing waste containing asbestos.

Concerning workers, in addition to the provisions relating to chemical risks and CMRs, the Labor Code provides specific regulations which must be respected in regard to all works involving exposure to asbestos. Two types of activities are distinguished: activities of containment and removal of materials containing asbestos, called activities of subsection 3 and activities involving interventions on materials or devices likely to release asbestos fibers, called sub-section activities 4.


Since 1995, DI Environnement has been responding to the issue of asbestos removal by offering innovative removal solutions and by collaborating with prevention organizations.

Recognized as a leading company in asbestos removal in France and internationally, DI Environnement is also a manufacturer of equipment for its own activities or for its clients specific.

All stages turnkey

From drafting the withdrawal plan to waste management

Our services manage the entire asbestos and deconstruction operations, from the drafting of documents including the asbestos and demolition removal plan, site facilities, the establishment of asbestos containments, the removal of Materials and products containing asbestos (MPCA), to demolition and waste management. The group’s various Installations Classified for the Environment (ICPE) make it possible to deal with dismantling in our workshops.

As a pure player in asbestos removal, we also provide overall management of demolition, depollution or dismantling with our professionally trained staff.

With 4 AFAQ AFNOR 0-121 qualifications (QUALIBAT 1552 equivalent) as well as MASE and CEFRI certification, our system quality is able to guarantee a rigorous execution of our work in all sectors

Asbestos Removal in a few numbers

Professionals trained in asbestos removal
Removal processes validated under section 3 in asbestos and other chemical products
Installations in France
International installations
average of produced equipment each year
ICPE treatment centers
asbestos removal certifications under section NF X46-010
accredited patents
Asbestos removal sites per year

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