Quick Response capability

Disasters, whether of natural causes such as bad weather or related to external events such as industrial accidents, require the possibility of mobilizing within a very short time, teams trained to intervene in hostile environments and suitable equipment.


With a dedicated service for all types of disaster, caused by fire, water damage, accident, natural disaster, we intervene to ensure safety and deal with issues related to asbestos and other pollutants.

Our material and human resources, distributed throughout the territory, allow us to urgently implement adapted solutions to safeguard facilities and activities.

Disaster management in a few numbers

specialized professional who can be mobilized within 24 hours
Large capacity misting units

Some disaster management references

Unisource Béziers

Decontamination of parts soiled with asbestos. Depollution and demolition of a warehouse after a disaster on the Unisource site

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Teisseire Crolles

Removal of a PANOCEL-type false ceiling on the packaging workshop and on the finished product stock, factory in operation.

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