Expertise in building intervention

Our experience in building has led us to intervene on all sizes of structures and projects from High-rise Buildings (IGH) to more common types.

Large projects

Drawing on our experience and our resources, we bring all our expertise and innovation to major projects to offer global solutions including carrying out cleaning, decontamination, deconstruction and depollution works.

Our human, material and logistical capacities allow us to reduce the duration of large and complex operations as well as to make the operations entrusted to us more reliable and secure.


Our organization and our deployment also allow us to intervene in short-term operations with maximum flexibility to deal with diffuse subjects, maintenance operations or even emergencies.

Thanks to our multiple local establishments, our offer is competitive and we maintain a real proximity with our sites.

Buildings in a few numbers

buildings handled per year
tons of asbesros and lead removed per year
professional trained under SS3

Some buildings references