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Lead removal by our teams: offering genuine expertise and proven solutions

The lead treatment is performed in the buildings, industry or equipment sectors whenever the presence of lead is proven and maintenance, renovation or deconstruction work is planned.

We are also able to remove lead from sites where the level of exposure represents a significant health impact.

DI Environnement has several key strengths when it comes to removing lead, including exceptional expertise in protecting workers and the environment; extensive and recognised resources for treating surfaces and paints, such as sandblasting and shot blasting; and a full understanding of dismantling, renovation, deconstruction and stripping projects.

Lead is a metal used in numerous applications since ancient times. With properties such as corrosion resistance, it has been used in the manufacture of water conduits and in various paints: it is then referred to as ceruse and lead paint. Following the serious diseases caused by lead accumulating in the body, the regulations now place numerous restrictions on its use and on the measures that must be implemented to control exposure to this CMR chemical agent, particularly in the context of lead removal.

The specific prevention measures instituted are as follows:

Monitoring worker exposure using the occupational exposure limit value (OELV)

This value must be reduced to the lowest level technically possible, in particular using collective and individual protective equipment similar to that used for asbestos removal.

Special hygiene measures, specific to lead-induced risks

These include separating work areas from changing rooms, paying special attention to pollution on the ground, and installing preventive equipment such as foot baths.

Taking action to remove lead

As a result, we are able to offer a unique range of services for removing lead from existing structures or structures requiring preservation, as well as on structures identified for demolition.

The teams at DI Environnement are specifically trained in lead removal and carry out enhanced medical monitoring with special visits and lead poisoning.

The OELV is monitored by multiple measures, including the application of metrology with lead sampling strategy.

We have recently designed material specific to lead removal and also offer unique measuring tools to characterise exposure and lead content.

DI Environnement actively participates in and takes action to remove lead in France, in particular by working with prevention organisations to improve the approach to lead risk.

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