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Lead is a metal that has been used in many applications since ancient times. With properties such as corrosion resistance, it has been used in the manufacture of water pipes and in various paints, we speak of white lead and lead paint. As a consequence of the serious illnesses caused by lead accumulating in the body, regulations today set numerous restrictions on use and measures to be implemented to control exposure to this chemical agent CMR, in particular regard to plumbing.

The specific prevention measures implemented are as follows:

  • Control of worker exposure with the occupational exposure limit value (OELV) must be reduced to the lowest technically possible level, in particular through the use of collective and individual protective equipment similar to those used for asbestos removal.
  • special hygiene measures, specific to the risks induced by lead, such as the separation of work areas and changing rooms, particular attention to pollution on the ground and the installation of preventive equipment such as footbaths

Undertaking lead removal

The treatment of lead is carried out in the building, industry or on equipment once the presence of lead is proven and a maintenance, renovation or deconstruction operation is envisaged.

We also intervene to remove lead in sites where the level of exposure represents a significant health impact.

DI Environnement has several assets to operate a lead removal, such as:

  • Exceptional know-how in the protection of workers and the environment
  • Important and recognized means in the treatment of surfaces and paints such as sandblasting and shot blasting
  • Perfect knowledge of dismantling, renovation, deconstruction and stripping projects.

We are thus in a position to offer a unique service for plumbing of existing structures to be renovated as well as structures to be demolished.

DI Environnement teams are specifically trained in lead removal and carry out reinforced medical monitoring with special visits and lead blood levels.

The control of the OELV is ensured by several measures including the implementation of a metrology with a lead sampling strategy.

We have recently developed specific lead removal equipment and also offer unique measurement tools to characterize lead exposure and levels.

DI Environnement actively participates and undertakes for the removal of lead in France, in particular by collaborating with prevention organizations for a better approach to lead risk.

Lead Removal in a few numbers

sites completed per year
validates lead removal processes under CMR regulation
professional with medical monitoring and accredited certifications for lead removal

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