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SSP DIE Remediation

A team of experts working on waste and contaminated soil

DI Environnement offers comprehensive, high added-value solutions throughout the project life cycle.

With a wide range of skills in environmental engineering, our experts cover the entire value chain, from characterisation and remediation of subsoil to waste management.

From engineering to decontamination works...

> Studies, diagnoses and investigations:
Site investigations (all matrices) – Monitoring campaigns (water, gas, ambient air) – Pollution prevention measures – Third-party expertise – Management plans – Quantitative Health Risk Assessments, Cost/Benefit Balance Sheets, Residual Risk Analysis – Interpretations of the state of the environment – ​​Modeling, Geostatistical studies – Hydrogeological studies – Protection of aquifers – Management of water resources
> Due Diligence
> Assessment / support in the management of environmental liabilities
> Termination of activity

> Industrial context
> Facilities and Infrastructure Projects
road, rail, waterways

> Classic and innovative solutions:
Biostimulation of natural attenuation (hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents) – IRZ – Bioprecipitation and in situ stabilization of heavy metals – Chemical oxidation – Active barriers – Filter doors – Chemical reduction (zero valent iron) – Thermal desorption – PFOS/PFAS…
> Asbestos
AMO / MOE asbestos in soils


specialist employees

DIE Remediation is certified by the LNE ( in the area of Polluted Sites and Soils.

From waste to sustainable development

> Waste treatment and storage facilities:
Design, operation, closure – Project management and Monitoring – Regulatory files (in particular Environmental Authorization Application Files) – Compliance – Audits and expertise (in particular ISD effluents) – R&D studies (new concepts) Site research – Geological and hydrogeological qualification study – Environmental due diligence
> Waste management:
Recovery studies – Waste reuse (civil engineering,
industry…) – Revalorization of materials
> Mines and quarries:
Geological and hydrogeological studies – Mining/ICPE regulatory files – K3+ inert waste backfilling application files – Mining work shutdown files and geochemical background studies
> Nuclear:
Engineering of polluted sites and soils – project management of consolidation and management of process residues

> Engineering of polluted sites and soils and applied waste
to solar, wind / H2 / biomass projects
> Carbon footprint
> Geothermal


Understanding our customers and providing support to them

Project management assistance in the study phase and depollution works – Pre-projects – Definition studies – Socio-economic analyzes – Consultation assistance – Technical assistance and expertise – Organizational advice

Risk management – ​​Monitoring, controls and instrumentation – Assistance in relations with the supervisory authority – Depollution work (Design and Realization)

Complete project management mission (AVP, PRO, ACT, DET, AOR) – Spoil management and circular economy (land management plan, earthworks plan, on-site/off-site reuse strategy, optimization of additional costs related to management of non-inert soils, choice of sectors, alternative transport, etc. – Design assistance – Project management – ​​Missions
environmental diagnosis (INFOS, DIAG, PG, PCT, ATTES, Due dill/VERIF)

Do you have decontamination plans ?

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Cleaning up for People
& the Environment.

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